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It was raining. The escorts -- a police car and a motorcycle cop -- drove ahead.

Section 1. Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom from:

Suddenly, the motorcycle hit a large pothole. Tragically, police officer Bogdan Gigina died of brain injuries. The main basis for the charge was his commandeering an escort file task anti aging prohibited by Romanian law, a reaction to some of the perks enjoyed under previous Romanian regimes. Note the name of the agency. Was this a question of corruption?

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Romania has been among the most corrupt places in the European Union. Under heavy diplomatic pressure from Washington, the nation has adopted a highly aggressive approach to improving the situation. Earlier this year, U. Ambassador Hans Klemm urged Romanian political parties to remove anyone under investigation from their electoral lists.

Young, energetic and earnest, Kovesi has developed into a star within the anti-corruption community worldwide. In fact, under her leadership, the DNA is more popular and trusted than government itself.


Polls have indicated that DNA enjoys the trust of In large part, that is because the entire political establishment of Romania has been targeted. Without question, these are impressive results. But there is a darker side. Amid the welter of statistics generated, there is one that should raise concerns. Inthe DNA opened 10, files for investigation.

By any standard that is a shocking number, cel mai bun tratament anti-imbatranire the more so when one considers that many of the targets of these investigations are well-known public officials. This raises some problems. First, there is enormous potential for scores to be settled and rivalries pursued. What exactly can lead to a file being opened?


Secondly, there are serious human rights and privacy issues. The Romanian justice system provides for preventive arrest -- detention of suspects before they are charged. The most recent figures available indicate that such arrests, involving custody of 30 days or more, rose to 10, in across the whole Romanian justice system.

No figures are available for DNA-related detentions, but local critics have accused the directorate of abuse of the system. The DNA is heavily reliant for its prosecutions on wiretaps and other evidence supplied by the Romanian security and intelligence agencies, including the SRI. The SRI has history.

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Back inSRI whistleblower Constantin Bucur leaked evidence that the agency was engaged in a secret and illegal phone-tapping program against politicians, public officials and journalists. In fact, just days ago, a Bucharest court threw out illegally obtained wiretap and other evidence from the DNA in a bribery claim against Lia Olguța Vasilescu, mayor of the southern city of Craiova.

Finally, the sheer diversity of allegations under investigation is mind-boggling. The DNA is investigating all sorts of crime, from money laundering to tax evasion to petty fraud. One politician is even being accused of driving without a license.

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Then there is the former Interior Minister. That drew protesters to the streets this past weekend and ultimately a promise by Oprea to step down and face his day in court.

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But in essence, the case against him concerns a traffic accident, albeit an awful one. And the question remains: Should anti-corruption prosecutors really be investigating this sort of thing?

And here we need to look beyond the cases taken to trial.

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We also need to consider the cases that do not proceed at all. As a young lawyer in my home country of Venezuela, I encountered police and military intelligence agency blackmail all the time. The victim would be taken in for questioning, shown some evidence of some sort and told the matter could be dropped -- for a consideration. That could be evidence against a bigger fish.

The bicameral parliament consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, both elected by popular vote. Observers considered local elections held on September 27 and parliamentary elections held on December 6 to have been generally free and fair and without significant irregularities. The General Directorate for Internal Protection has responsibility for intelligence gathering, counterintelligence, and preventing and combatting vulnerabilities and risks that could seriously disrupt public order or target Ministry of Internal Affairs operations. The minister of interior appoints the head of the directorate. The Romanian Intelligence Service, the domestic security agency, investigates terrorism and national security threats.

Or, at least in Venezuela, it could be money. This means that just over 10 percent of investigations opened are leading to prosecution.

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Official corruption deserves and requires zealous prosecution. But at what point does zeal cross a line and compromise politics in general -- that is to say, democracy -- instead of crooked politicians? He has previously been file task anti aging the faculty of American University in Washington, D. The views expressed by authors are their own and not the views of The Hill.

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