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Vimulti anti aging. Ai fost blocat(ă) temporar


    November 11, Kept the mouth sores away My husband got mouth sores during his first chemo treatment despite his best efforts with prescription mouthwash.

    Why doesn't it have anything about the sources of these supplements?

    He is on his 3rd treatment and started this week of as preventative and so far so good! Working great for a loved one along vimulti anti aging Magic mouthwash and Nystatin Oral Rinse.

    It's their go-to product for relief.

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    I just finished 35 proton radiation vimulti anti aging for npc. I started using Healios one week before treatment started, twice a day, used it twice a day during treatment and will continue until the mucositis is gone.

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    At the beginning of week 6 I developed mild mucositis, which I still have. I attribute this to Healios.

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    If anyone has to go through any radiation treatment for head or neck, this will make your experience much better. Thank you Dr. Anderson for developing this!!

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    I tried the grape first and the super sweet flavor and smell made me want to gag. It was very hard to get down. Switched to unflavored and it is much easier to drink.

    I am 5 weeks into a 7 week radiation treatment and I am still able to swallow and eat normal food. I cannot say for certain it is the healios but my symptoms are milder than I expected. Husband is half done with his radiation and the expected mouth sores aren't a real problem.

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    So apparently it is effective.