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    It is a peer-review academic publication opened to professors, literary critics, theoreticians or researchers who are interested in the study of Romanian literature.

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    Our essential goal is to set communication paths between Romanian literary research and the contemporary European cultural discourse, bringing the most valuable phenomena recorded in Romanian literature to a beneficial dialogue with the other European literatures.

    In the rapidly changing digital sphere CEEOL is a reliable source of adjusting expertise trusted by scholars, publishers and librarians. CEEOL provides scholars, researchers and students with access to a wide range of academic content in a constantly growing, dynamic repository.

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    CEEOL offers various services to subscribing institutions and their patrons to make access to its content as easy as possible. Furthermore, CEEOL allows publishers to reach new audiences and promote the scientific achievements of the Eastern European scientific community to a broader readership.

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    Un-affiliated scholars have the possibility to access the repository by creating their personal user account Contact Us Central and Eastern European Online Library GmbH Basaltstrasse 9.